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What is a Segment?

Segments are how you group your audience and decide who you want to show Campaigns to. PureClarity lets you segment your audience based on a variety of different factors.

Creating a Segment

Let’s set up your first Segment. In this example, we are going to build a Segment to target people who are on their second visit, but didn’t buy anything on their first visit.

The first thing you’ll do is pick out the targeting criteria. There are a lot of different ones you can choose from here, but let’s pick the “Visit” criteria because that’s what we want to focus on for that Segment.

Now let’s build that condition. You’ll see you can select a few pre-set conditions, like “Visitor’s First Visit.” Go ahead and select “Visitor’s Second Visit.”

That’s the first half of this Segment done! Next, just click “AND Condition.”

NOTE: We’re selecting AND and not OR because we want the visitor to match both conditions. An example of where you would use OR would be if you wanted to Segment a group of your audience who either had bought category A OR bought category B.

Now you’re going to pick the “Bought” targeting criteria. Click the Purchasing Behavior drop down to select “Customer has ordered.” Choose “equal to ‘X’ times’, where X is 0, and the ‘When’ is at any point in time. This leaves you with a Segment aimed at people who are on their second visit but have never bought anything from your shop.

Great job! First Segment complete. Read more about how you can use your segments

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