This article gives details on how to use the PureClarity Application to quickly integrate PureClarity with your Shopify store after you install the app.

NOTE: The app can be found on the Shopify App Store


Once you have installed the app and approved the permissions, you will be prompted to sign up for an account. Simply fill in the fields and click, "Create Account".

The region should be set to the closest region to where your customers are based.

Select the theme you want to install PureClarity into. Don't worry if you aren't sure, you can skip this step and do it later after you have completed the set up if you prefer.

Signup form


PureClarity offers a free trial while you decide whether to use the service. The status of the account will be displayed in the applications status bar, as shown:

Image showing the free trial banner in the app

When you are approaching the end of your free trial the application UI will notify you with the remaining time you have left. You can sign up by clicking on "Billing" on the menu, and choosing the plan that best suits your needs. Do not worry if you pick the wrong plan, as you can upgrade and downgrade at any point.

A display of the billing page with 3 possible billing plans

NOTE: If you run past your free trial without signing up your account will be deactivated until you sign up.

Please follow our Shopify configuration article to continue your set-up.

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