PureClarity has a powerful chat tool that allows you to chat with your customers in real time and see insights on that customers behaviour on your site. This article explains everything you need to know.

To head to chat, select 'Chat' from the left side menu and click on 'Conversations'. Any chats that you get from your customers will appear here.

When a customer starts a chat, your screen should look similar to the image below:

To reply to the message simply type in the text box and hot the reply button to send.

On the right side of the live chat menu, you can view various information on the customer, such as device, pages viewed, current page, items viewed and cart total.

If the customer has previously visited the site, you will also be able to view past information on the customer, such as past order totals.

We also give you a list of recommended products to show to the customer, this is based on the customer's individual viewing and purchasing history. You can add these into a chat with a customer by selecting the 'Add to Chat' button located on the recommended product.

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