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This kind of campaign is perfect to nudge your shoppers into treating themselves to that small (or large!) luxury that you know is just right for them. The right Segment for this campaign is one who’s a loyal customer with you, but who you think might be ready to take their shopping with you to the next level.


The first step in creating this campaign is to think of a popular range of products which you have an upmarket version of. Maybe you sell cameras, computers, or clothing and you want to point out to your loyal customers that you have some higher end product they may be interested in.

Your best bet is to target the audience most likely to be interested in a higher option. This can be anyone who’s looking at the normal range. What you’ll do is create a Segment based on product views. Select the product, brand or category that you want to measure, and specify that they’ve looked at it at least once. Then add a condition to ensure they haven’t purchased it or the luxury version by setting up a condition around the ‘Bought’ variable.

Once that’s done, create and upload a banner into PureClarity – we recommend something along the lines of, “Did you know we have an X range, too?”

Create a campaign targeting the Segment you’ve already set up, and choose your banner to put onto the product page of the basic version of the product. That way anyone who’s looked at the product, but not bought it or the luxury version, and is back on the product page, will see this campaign.

Above & Beyond: Add an incentive. You can choose to create a banner that will have an incentive, but specific that it’s only for today. Then edit the campaign so that it only shows it to people viewing the product for the second time exactly. That way you can create urgency, and only offer the discount to the people most likely to use it.


You can let PureClarity handle ‘buy again’ strategies with AI Recommenders or you can setup a Campaign to encourage your visitors to buy a specific consumable product after a certain period when they come back to your site. This is a very useful technique in increasing your AOV. Please buy again promotions in your basket Zones.

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