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Incentives are a great way to push a hesitant shopper over the threshold to spending with you. This kind of campaign is best used only when you think you need it, and you think you have a good chance of converting shoppers. It’s an ideal way to increase average order value while still providing your customers with the service and care they expect from you. Here are two Campaigns to do just that.


The top-up campaign is geared towards helping people spend just a little bit extra. What you’ll want to do is let folks know that if they spend a certain amount, they’ll receive a discount.

EXAMPLE: If they spend $100, they’ll get 10% off.

However, you may not necessarily want to show this to people who typically spend over $100 anyway. So what you’re going to do is create a Segment aimed at people whose AOV is below $100. You can do this by selecting the “Bought” variable, and choose average order value. You can set it to be less than $100 for their total time with you, or just their last order – whatever you prefer.

Then, create a campaign around that Segment. We recommend putting the content on the basket page to begin with – you want to capture those people who are just about to buy but hesitating. Select your segment and then choose the banner you want to use to incentivize the purchase – and you’re done!


This kind of campaign takes advantage of our natural tendency to celebrate, no matter how small the occasion! With this campaign, what you’re doing is selecting the occasion – whether that’s an existing one like Easter or Mother’s Day, or one you make up yourself – and then giving your customers a reason to spend.

First, pick the occasion.

EXAMPLE: You might have a sneaker week where customers spending over $300 get a free pair of sneakers.

Then, select the incentive, whether it’s a discount, a free item, or special service. Finally, decide who you want to target. We recommend choosing an audience which is going to be most tempted by the promotion and event – if it’s broad, like Easter, it can be aimed at everyone. But if it’s more niche, like Sneaker Week, you might be better off only showing it to people who have purchased sneakers before, which you can do by choosing the “bought” variable when you’re building your Segment, and picking out the product or category you want.

We suggest creating and placing a banner on the homepage for this – if you don’t want to make it your main event, you can always sneak in a microbanner underneath, just to ensure people are seeing it.

Above & Beyond: A second good place to put the content is on the basket page, again for folks who are under the value you’re aiming for.

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