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Cross Sells

Cross sells are the easiest and fastest way to increase conversion rate. When a visitor shows interest in one product or category, that’s the perfect time to show them you have the perfect pair to go with it. Here are two ways to do that.


In this campaign, you’re going to use a manual recommender to hand-pick perfect paired products and incentivize your visitors to buy them together.

First, identify some of your more popular products. Because this is a manual recommender, it doesn’t make sense to do them for every product. Focus on a key few.

Once you have your product in mind, brainstorm a few products which go well with it.

EXAMPLE: You might want to choose blankets and cushions to pair with a sofa.

Create a new campaign. The zone you’re going to show it on is the product page, and specifically only the product page of that one popular product.Your Segment is going to be aimed at everyone, because this is only going on a specific product page. Select your content type – manual recommender. Give it a title, perhaps something like “Don’t forget these products!” All that’s left to do is select the products you want to promote, and then publish!


This campaign is perfect to target your returning visitors. They’ve already shown interest, they’ve told you what they like by purchasing it, and now they’re back on your site.

What you need to do now is to match their needs and create a campaign aimed at what they bought on their last visit. This way you can match their existing needs as well as anticipate their future ones, gaining their custom and their loyalty in the meantime. Here’s how you do it.

First, think of a popular product that a significant proportion of your visitors have purchased. Then, think of a product which would be a natural cross-sell opportunity with it. For example, if someone has purchased leather shoes, leather protectant would be a great accompanying product.

Once you have your products in mind, you can begin to create your Segment. You’ll be aiming this at anyone who’s purchased that first product but not the second in a time period of your choice – for example in the last three months.

Create and upload the banner you want to the PureClarity image library. The banner can say something like, “Loving your Product X? Why not get Product Y.” You can even pair it with an incentive to sweeten the deal. Once you’ve chosen your Segment, you’ll be showing this on the homepage, so go ahead and select that zone.

Above & Beyond: We also recommend putting this on the product page – if your visitor goes straight to their favorite product page, they’ll still see that content and be tempted by the cross-sell.

And you’re done!

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