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Sometimes, simply letting your customers know that you have the perfect products for them isn’t quite enough. Sometimes, you have to give them the reason they’ve been waiting for to buy now.

However, to make sure you give them the right reason, and to make sure you’re not over-discounting where you don’t need to, it’s important to use personalized Campaigns.

Here are two ways you can use a shopper’s information to customize the perfect incentive for them.


One of the primary indicators of interest is visits to a site. Now, it’s dead easy to offer first-time visitors a welcome banner paired with an incentive and that is a great way to start building that relationship. But sometimes it’s more important to target the folks who have been there a few times or more and give them that nudge that’s stopping them from buying with you today.

Create a visit-based campaign aimed at folks who have been to your site at least three times but not made a purchase. Use the opportunity to offer them an incentive, or offer them help on their shopping decision.

First, you’ll create a Segment based on visits – three or more – and orders, which must be zero total. Then you select where you want this content to go. We recommend the homepage. Create and upload a banner which says, “Still not found what you’re looking for? Have 15% off on us to find the best match!”

That way, you’re saving your best discounts to convert the folks most likely to become shoppers.


In this modern era, plenty of shops use influencers on social media to drive visitors to their site. The key thing is to reward visitors for coming to your site from that referrer, and so you can see how well that influencer partnership is working.

The first thing you need to do is create a link which has a QueryString somewhere in it. A QueryString is a section of the URL preceded with a ?. PureClarity will read the URL and know that they’re from a specific campaign. This can be a UTM campaign link that you give to your influencers to direct people to your site.

Next, create a campaign. You’ll want this content on the home page. Make a banner which has some of the products your influencer is recommending, and an incentive of 10% all products recommended by the influencer, for example with CODEINFLUENCER as the discount code. You’ll want to now create your segment so that only people who arrived to the site with that URL. You’ll select the UTM campaign condition, pop in your UTM code, and hit save! Now you’re ready to put in your content and you’re good to go.

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