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Many times, a visitor will be on your site and simply won’t be aware that you have exactly what they’re looking for. It’s your job to try to match the circumstances of their visit as much as possible, and with PureClarity you can do exactly that.

TIP: Think about why a visitor might be coming to your site. Is there a holiday going on in their country? What sort of products might they be looking for?

Here are two Campaigns you can create to make sure you’re showing your visitors exactly what they’re looking for.


Holidays are one of the crucial reasons someone might come to your site. Whether you sell clothing, gifts, or even hardware, folks will be driven to your site on holidays. Your job, as a vendor, is to ensure you’re prepared for the traffic and pointing people in the right direction to the products that will be perfect for them. And with PureClarity, that’s easy to do.

For this example, you can create a campaign aimed at Mother’s Day. The Segment you create is based on location – you can choose the location that is currently experiencing the holiday you target. You might know that your homepage gets the most traffic, so you can put the campaign there. You can create and upload a banner which will draw attention to the line of products you have associated with Mother’s Day.

Above & Beyond: You can duplicate this campaign and select the zone just beneath your main banner. Here, you can select an override recommender and hand-pick the products you think are perfect for the occasion. That way, visitors will see the banner and immediately beneath it, the relevant products they’re likely to be interested in.

There – now you’ve ensured that one of the primary reasons that someone may have come to your site has been addressed, and will be likely to see products that will match their requirements for coming to the shop.


Another reason visitors might be shopping is due to the weather. Perhaps folks are flocking to your furniture store to look for lawn chairs. Maybe there’s been an unexpected cold snap and shoppers are interested in buying hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.

Whatever the weather, you can cater to their needs with PureClarity.

Create a weather-based campaign simply by first creating a Segment selecting the weather you want to target. You might not have time to create a full-blown banner – but that’s OK because you can hand-pick recommender products to showcase.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you sell shoes. When people come to your site in sunny weather, showcase your sandals. When it’s colder, you can show them boots. If it’s rainy, display your rain boots.

Think of it like the ultimate seasonal display – personalized to each visitor’s weather.

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